Help Young People encounter Christ.

The Catholicism Pilgrimage Journal represents a new approach to catechesis in which adults and children encounter the teachings of the Catholic Church in an interactive and communal way. Now you can easily adapt the CATHOLICISM series for youth group or other classroom settings. 

Using the ten-episode CATHOLICISM series and its companion Pilgrimage Journal, families, parishes, and schools can now offer younger generations an encounter with Christ by way of the rich, sacramental display of the Faith presented in this program.

The Pilgrimage Journal contains a student study guide, 20 lessons, and a pilgrimage map.

Study Program

Study individually or in a Group

Introducing a new formation program that takes middle and high school students on a journey around the world and deep into the Faith with Bishop Barron. The CATHOLICISM Pilgrimage Journal is built around the award-winning CATHOLICISM series and includes brand new study materials written especially for students ages sixth grade through high school.

Catechists or parents will interact with their students throughout the journey to experience together what Catholics believe and why. This program can be used by: 

- Catechists who want to supplement their regular catechetical program with visually engaging and interesting material 

- Facilitators in a parish setting where adults and young people are participating together 

- Parents with teens or pre-teens at home.

The CATHOLICISM Pilgrimage Journal Leader's Kit contains the CATHOLICISM DVD set; Adult Leader’s Guide; 50 Postcards; and 10 Pilgrimage Journals. The kit includes all the resources necessary to teach the program with 10 participants at home, at school, or in an intergenerational parish setting.

(An adult leader—a parent, grandparent, catechist, or parish minister—should review the material in the Pilgrimage Journal Adult Leader’s Guide before taking the younger audience through each part of the Pilgrimage Journal. This adult guide contains the necessary background to adequately prepare any faithful adult to engage with a younger audience. It also contains the same questions, with answers in color, that are in the actual Pilgrimage Journal.)


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Sample Lesson (PDF)

Sample Lesson OF ADULT GUIDE (PDF)



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     Certificate of Completion



     Pilgrimage Journal Sample Lesson



     Adult Guide Sample



       Uganda Poster



       Jerusalem Poster



       Rome Poster



       Pilgrimage Flyer



     Father Barron Bio





       Shrines and Holy Places


CATHOLICISM Pilgrimage Journal Set

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CATH PJ LK: $299.95

CATHOLICISM Pilgrimage Journal Set Excluding DVDs

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CATH PJ LK No DVD: $179.95

CATHOLICISM Pilgrimage Journal

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Pilgrim Journal Digital: $7.50

CATHOLICISM Pilgrimage Journal Adult Leader's Guide

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Digital Download: $14.95

CATHOLICISM Pilgrimage Journal Postcards

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CATH PJ post cards: $14.95


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DVD (N.America): $99.95
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